That Thing

We all think about things. I can’t pinpoint a thing. Things what an abstract word to describe such tangible quantities in the world. Technically everything is a thing. All the words we use to communicate they don’t mean a thing. The walls we climb over, the hurdles, the oppression, they all don’t mean a thing. I can have all of the money in the world, but i’d still be searching for that thing. I always had a sense of security, got stuck in the past. Now I feel like I am just going to be another thing. I hate dawging on myself but that’s starting to become a thing. Keep up or you’re down. It’s the first person who finishes that doesn’t need another thing. The way you talk, the respect for people, the generosity, that is more my sort of thing. I’m stuck into many moments, so many possible, so many more than I need. I Need to stop pinpointing things.


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