The Perpendicular Parallel

The one year anniversary , the second time I got you back. The first time I realized you loved another person. Yeah you slipped up, I just never wanted to admit it. I didn’t like you at all. You just happened to be that person right in front of my foot. That class was bigger,  I was brighter, ideas on my mind. The First revolution since we i realized that was so long ago. The wind has blown over and im sitting here looking at snow. Wish you the best but enhancing every part that I own. I use it beyond a christian belief cause that limit cant feel the beats that I steal. Share no more moments together stronger more the better. I don’t know why my two best people would do this or is this another story I feel. The same person you fall for with no master appeal. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Time for the counter punch and it won’t stop until you got evidence you need to know who you messing with. Had to get this out. Never see me in the end.