step after step I continue to walk not sure the pavements that i thought. how those pavements have changed with you not in my life anymore. i want to succeed even more knowing how things ended. I am not the only one at fault. I am human enough to make a mistake and we all make grave ones. You are just as hollow as the piece of coffin, shallow to the ground piggin yourself out to some chicken and waffle fries. That hole damn dissapeared how I made my cock vanish in your vagina. Surprised you could fit it. I was just happy you didnt leave a tampon in this time. I knew I had to be high to be with you. my vision needed to be blurred so i could slur some words out to you that you thought were love. Fell for it numerous times still wont learn your lesson. add baggage to baggage your billion bags but need one to just cover up your face make the world a better place.


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